Wi Fi

Intelligent Wi-Fi installation

Internet access via a Wi-Fi network is expected in all business environments. Building upon our expertise in cabling and intelligent buildings, you can rely on the skills and experience of our Wi-Fi installation team.

All access points for your Wi-Fi technology require cabling. Data Techniques provides a seamless service from site survey to Wi-Fi installation.

Initially, our surveyor will conduct a physical survey of the site(s) involved. This will determine the best positions for access points, maximising network coverage and performance. It also helps us to know how many access points will be needed.

Part of our survey involves testing the radio waves at your location(s). This is conducted using radio frequency (RF) test. It ensures that access point positioning takes into account the physical impact of the building’s infrastructure as this can affect the reliability of Wi-Fi installations.

Maximum convenience, minimum disruption

The Wi-Fi installation work will be scheduled to cause minimal disruption to your business operation. Our team had a proven track record of being flexible and reliable. You’ll have access to our support team throughout your installation. We are available 24hours of every day.

Wi-Fi solutions from Data Techniques support a wide variety of applications. Please ask us for more details. We are confident that we will support your requirements efficiently and successfully.

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