Driving building efficiency through intelligent lighting solutions.

High on the agenda of many organisations is to provide high quality working environments to attract and retain key staff, increase productivity and provide more collaborative working environments.

The advent of affordable LED lights improves the look and feel of a working environment as well as providing significant energy savings. Combining this technology with a rich sensor network and granular controls not only improves energy savings, but allows for convergence with other Building systems and gathers data about building usage.

Lighting is installed in all buildings and as such is an ideal platform for deploying data gathering sensors at a low cost.

Data Techniques design, supply and install intelligent lighting systems delivering the following key benefits:

  • Maximise energy savings through LED technology and granular controls
  • Convergence with other building systems such as HVAC and meeting room booking systems -providing occupancy data to ensure spaces are heated or cooled based upon occupancy, and “no shows” in meeting rooms can be identified and acted upon.
  • Data gathering – understand how space is being used, such as “hot desk” areas and other spaces. Allowing informed decisions to be made by building owners on future real estate requirements.
  • A range of applications to indicate traffic patterns, temperature and rooms and breakout areas that are available or in use.

As the workplace continues to evolve lighting can play a major part in deploying low cost IoT solutions across a whole estate.

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