Intelligent Sensor Networks

Energy saving intelligence

Intelligent sensor networks collect and process data – then take action based upon their analysis of the information gathered. At this stage the equipment interacts with the physical environment. It makes changes as needed, creating energy savings.

Data Techniques offers a range of energy saving, intelligent sensor networks. There are designed to reduce energy costs, increase security and optimise the efficiency of your environment.

Energy saving equipment options…

You can choose intelligent sensor networks to monitor light, heat and motion. Each one has a sensor and processor which work together to enable the equipment to:

  • Create and communicate a digital signal
  • Select and execute logical commands

Data Techniques has vast experience of installing and supporting intelligent sensor networks. Our dedicated internal team is flexible and reliable. You’ll also value our support service which operates all day, every day.

Examples of energy saving equipment include:

  • Lighting control to monitor the amount of natural light and adjust artificial lighting accordingly
  • Motion sensors to switch off lighting when there nobody in the room
  • Temperature controls to maintain a comfortable working environment

A network of intelligent sensors gives the flexibility of creating bespoke environments in defined areas. This facility offers optimum comfort, maximising productivity with reduced cost.
To find out how your organisation could achieve these benefits, talk to the team at Data Techniques. We’re happy to have an informal discussion without obligation.

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