API Integration

API integration. The possibilities are endless…

API (application programming interface) is a software-to-software interface that allows programmes to connect and communicate with other programmes. Running behind the scenes, it allows transfer of data and use of software.

Data Techniques creates bespoke software to meet your API requirements. This links closely to our intelligent building services, offering a fully integrated and efficient operation.

API integration offers cost control, assists with facilities management and allows technology to take these benefits event further. It uses your bespoke software to execute a specific action based upon the data received.

Flexibility, responsiveness and real time system control – all made possible thanks to API integration. Best of all, this is customised to your requirements. You decide the parameters and actions required, optimising cost savings and productivity.

An example of API integration…

One global leading organisation works with Data Techniques to manage its meeting facilities. API technology communicates with motion sensors, which detect whether a booked room is occupied. If booked facilities are not in use, integrated API will switch off the lights and reinstate that particular room as available within the booking system. This means that the client optimises room bookings and costs.

The potential application of API technology is huge. You can enjoy bespoke solutions specifically designed to meet your requirements.

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