Regulatory compliance is driving the need for organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and energy usage. This brings into sharp focus the need for efficient, collaborative and intelligent building environments.

Creating an intelligent building should help to minimise operational costs, optimise facility resources, and provide an improved user experience helping to ensure maximum user productivity.

Installing LED lighting as part of your intelligent network ensures that lighting is available only when needed, helping to drive environmental and cost efficiencies. In the UK up to 25% of commercial building energy costs is spent on lighting. The latest LED lighting solutions last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and up to 12 times longer than halogen tubes saving energy and eliminating costly maintenance.

An IoT sensor network can monitor and control the amount of natural light and adjust light levels accordingly. It can also adjust light levels according to room occupancy adjusting the temperature (via an API, linking to the HVAC system) to avoid unnecessary costs and maintain a comfortable working environment.

Room occupancy and daylight harvesting technologies can help reduce energy consumption by up to 40% (Sources: Energy Savings Trust, TheGreenAge, Carbon Trust)

Working in partnership with Enlightened, the IoT intelligent monitoring and control sensors give granular level data which enables stakeholders to make informed decisions about their estate. The Enlighted solution works seamlessly with fluorescent and LED lighting and the Wireless solution makes it ideal for retro and new build fit outs.

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Room booking software solutions

Technology has changed almost every aspect of the workplace, this includes how you can manage and book your meeting and training facilities. Over a third of meetings are unplanned and finding a suitable space can be challenging, also, one in five meeting rooms booked out are subsequently never used.

Utilising the installed sensor network Data Techniques can offer bespoke room booking software designed to:

  • Optimise room usage
  • Analyse room costs
  • Facilitate room access
  • Monitor cancellations and ‘no shows’

It is rare that a meeting or training room is used in isolation of any other services; most users will require Wi-Fi, and audio and visual equipment.

Our room booking software enables requests to be logged helping to keep track of requests, occupancy, utilisation and availability in turn improving user experience and efficiency.

Booking software installed and supported by Data Techniques can revolutionise how you book, manage and monitor your room bookings. This is an opportunity to make this particular operation as efficient and effective as possible.

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