“We pride ourselves on ensuring that we carry out installations in a professional, safe and socially responsible manner.”


Ensuring safe systems of work is our key priority. We aim to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all people who may come into contact with any business operation.

Via our dedicated team of H&S officers we ensure all relevant personnel have the correct training and written and physical control measures for their work related operations to be carried out safely.


Training is vital to the development of our employees and continued growth of the organisation. We offer continual learning and development across a range of industry specific subjects via our in-house training academy, on-line learning and external courses for safety, product and management accreditation.

Experience and Industry

Over the past 25 years we have continually grown our client base to deliver an ever increasing and diverse portfolio of services across existing and new market sectors. In order to remain competitive we have ensured that we continually develop our personnel and embrace new technologies looking for innovative and new ways of working to drive efficiencies and project delivery.

We are uniquely placed to offer delivery on a wide range of business requirements across multiple market sectors and environments.

We offer specialist engineering resource and management specifically built to support these diverse sectors.

Quality of Service

We ensure our customer’s needs and requirements are met and continually monitored. As part of our continuing drive for quality we are also contributing positively to the environment by utilising current technologies wherever possible to reduce environmental impact.


We are equipped with all the necessary specialist tooling, plant and test equipment to ensure that we can deliver a safe, professional and complete installation.

Support and Coverage

Our diverse team of over 250 personnel offer a wide range of skills and expertise ensuring quality support throughout any project ranging from move adds and changes to global infrastructure rollouts. With our specialist fleet of over 100 vehicles we are capable of delivering and supporting projects throughout the UK and Europe.