“Innovation is the cornerstone of project delivery. We challenge all aspects of design, delivery, in life performance and cost to ensure that our client’s derive maximum benefit.”

Project Tracking

Data Techniques has the ability to create bespoke software tools designed specifically to capture client requirements in terms of alerts, monitoring, reporting and project management.

Our DTi order processing platform has been designed to give clients a simple multi-user interface that enables them to manage the order process from creation of work through to final invoice.

Alerts are generated at each stage of the process to ensure relevant parties are aware of the current status with deadlines added to meet SLAs as required. Project data such as test results, drawings and pictures can be securely stored for ease of reference. The system supports remote-access saving valuable time and effort.

Collaborative Working

We have a range of products that simplify data transfer. Our online portal acts as a repository of information, enabling user access via a secure login.

Portal data is utilised by our field engineers and internal staff alike for a range of functions including retrieval of documents, completion of online training courses or responding to company safety bulletin.

Teamwork PM

Utilising Web 2.0 SAAS technology TeamworkPM serves as a means to centrally store and manage project data with secure SSL encryption.

All project members have access to relevant project tasks, milestones, documents and photos from any internet connected device ensuring effective collaboration and sharing across all platforms, companies and countries.


We’ve developed a number of web forms with smart routing which enable our nationwide engineering workforce to capture and send data direct from their smart devices to the relevant recipient based on content.

Forms can be created to capture a wide range of requirements with data collated data automatically and using APIU integration shared to various external resources such as Google Drive and Webmerge for document integration.

Space Planning Design Tools

We have an in-house design capability using our experienced CAD draftsmen and designers who use a range of tools including Visio, AutoCAD and the Panduit ICE tool to create accurate scaled drawings and 3D renders. These valuable assets give us the ability to work with our clients to create advanced designs prior to deployment, saving valuable time and costly mistakes.

The Panduit ICE tool provides a 3D model of the facility which includes mechanical, electrical and IT assets to ensure space utilisation is correctly provisioned.

Physical Layer Design

Our qualified Designers (RCDD, CDCDP, CCNA) are available to consult, advise and design based on industry standards, best practices and practical experience. Our experienced design team take great pride in their ability to add innovation during the design phase of a project.

This is achieved in a number of ways including detailed consultation, considered product selection and engineering deployment methods.

Design expertise includes:

  • Logical to Physical network mapping (designing a connectivity system to a network design).
  • Intelligent Physical Layer Management design and support.
  • CFD and DCIM.
  • Containment.
  • Design software – 2D and 3D models and renders.
  • Telecoms Grounding & Bonding.
  • Electrical design.

Lighting Design

As first to market installers in Europe, Data Techniques is proud to offer the game-changing intelligent lighting controls from Redwood and Enlighted.

These market-leading solutions offer innovative and cost effective ways of reducing energy consumption and managing commercial space as never before.

Our in-house team are on hand to help design, install and support both solution

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