Telecoms Carrier Services

Proven delivery excellence across the telecommunications sector.

The modern world is reliant on voice and data communicationData Techniques have extensive experience of providing a range of carrier network services to leading service providers and hardware manufacturers.

We delivered the national rollout of SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) the engine of the Internet, into BT exchanges and customer sites in 1999, we are now engaged in the technology refresh cycle.

COLT (City of London Telecoms)

Data Techniques contractor of choice for:

  • Faults & Maintenance
  • New Customer Installations
  • Diverts and Changes to the network
  • Equipment installation and integrations Level 3 Communications

Data Techniques provide full circuit delivery for Level 3’s clients, a literal end to end service which includes:

  • Patching to live circuits
  • Powering up and integrating the equipment
  • Cabling through Pops, Hotels and clients sites
  • Civils and cabling works required in the roads and streets
  • Circuits fully installed, integrated, tested and brought into service

British Telecom

As a long standing BT approved supplier we offer nationwide circuit provision services within telephone exchanges on behalf of BT, co-hosted carriers and ISP’s.

Activities include:

  • Suite capacity planning with containment and ironwork added to accommodate future expansion as required.
  • Installation of AC/DC power feeds, installed by our qualified electricians
  • Cable recovery from Main Distribution Frames (MDF) and Handover Distribution Frames (HDF).
  • Correct disposal of redundant cabinets, frames and cabling to make way for new infrastructure.


ADVA are an industry trusted partner responsible for architecting some of the world’s most advanced carrier networks.

Data Techniques are ADVA’s partner of choice for the installation and integrations of ADVA DWDM equipment for customer to customer connectivity. We have undertaken a national from the Orkneys to Lands’ End, delivering scalable Giga Bit client connectivity.

We are proud to be an installation partner of choice for ADVA operating in BT exchanges and client facilities throughout the UK. Our engineering workforce has undergone extensive training to achieve ADVA certification.

We are a VAR Partner to ADVA for ALM (Advanced Link Monitoring) technology. Clients can monitor their own in service fibre links in real time and report performance, degradation and failures to within 10 meters of the actual event.

We are able to support the success and value ADVA solutions offer their ever increasing list of clients.

Network Carrier Solutions

Data Techniques provide and manage new circuit provisioning offering 24/365 break-fix capability for a leading network carrier within specified Service Level Agreements.

Trillions of pounds are exchanged daily over carrier networks such as Colt and Level 3 both of whom are Data Techniques clients; we ensure that London’s money markets run smoothly across this critical infrastructure which connects financial services across Europe.

Our fleet of vehicles and qualified engineers are extensively equipped with fault diagnostic and test equipment to ensure a reliable and professional service is maintained at all times.

Data Techniques NRSWA (New Roads and Street Works Act) qualified planning team and engineers undertake diversionary routing throughout the London road network, including rolling road upgrades to London’s TfL cycle super highway.

All works undertaken are required to comply with local authority legislation, local permitting arrangements and lane rental or closures, all of which can attract considerable fines if implemented incorrectly. Statutory consents and local authority approvals will be obtained and adhered to where required .


The UK’s Ministry of Defence has strict requirements when working with communication and information systems at their facilities. Being one of a select few, Data Techniques personnel hold all relevant security clearances and airside certification, giving us the ability to undertake access and fibre network installations within these sensitive and critical environments.

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