Having certification to ISO14001 provides the footing to enable the business to be sustainable and help create value, both in terms of the way we operate and in terms of the projects that we deliver. We must though balance the need to deliver a solid financial return with the requirement to understand and take responsibility for our wider social, environmental and economic impacts over the longer term.

To accomplish this we recognise that it is typically more cost-effective to take advance action to prevent negative impacts than it is to deal with the consequences after they have occurred.

In 2015 we were required to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) requirements. The outcomes from this was to be issued with a display energy certificate, that can be viewed from this page, but also to create a new baseline of data from which we are able to measure and compare.

This data can also be viewed from this page, it covers our electricity, gas and transport usage and the associated costs.