Support for school iPad appeal


Data Techniques has purchased an iPad and cover as a donation and the school is hoping other companies will follow suit.

Alderwood School is less than a year old – it has 1228 children – the result of the merger of Belle Vue Infants, Newport Juniors and Connaught Senior School.

Sophie George, a teacher at the school, is the niece of Michelle Freeman, who works at Data Techniques. Sophie said “We are very grateful to Data Techniques, who were the first company to support our crowd funding initiative. Data Techniques believe and understand that technology will be a part of all children’s future and is a mechanism to excite, engage and empower children in their learning. We are grateful to companies like Data Techniques who give generously in the knowledge that they are enhancing the learning of future generations. We hope that more companies will join forces with us to give children at Alderwood School the tools and resources to support the next generation of learners”

Mick Stephens of Data Techniques said, “When we heard of this initiative, as a local company that has been in Farnborough for 30 years and employed many local people, we were delighted we could help in some way.

The school needs £1,050 to buy three iPad Mini 4s’ and protective cases.

Sophie explained “We have a large percentage of children on free school meals, as well as second language speakers, and those children classed as disadvantaged. Against this background, we would like to purchase a set of class iPads. This would allow us to break free from the confines of the classroom so that we can re-design lessons that are more engaging. The apps we want to use will help our children with a number of skills. We particularly want to improve their speaking and listening skills and access the curriculum more freely.

“Allowing children to make their own videos explaining their mathematical understanding, using capture and share software such as Explain Everything, will highlight individual children’s misconceptions, allowing teachers to intervene at the point of need.

“Teaching our children to be safe online and to be good digital citizens has proven to be essential, as more children appear to be unaware of how to read URLs for authenticity; purchasing online gamming apps and trying to access inappropriate material, as well as talking to complete strangers online.

“Having more portable technology will allow us to be more dynamic as we can use them in environments other than the classroom.”